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Practice core JS concepts!

100 interactive JavaScript exercises that will help beginner and advanced developers to better understand the language.

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Created by Pava

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed all the advanced exercises and learned a lot about functional programming through them. The platform is amazing 💯

Divyam Gupta on X

This is the best thing I came across for practicing JavaScript core concepts. Thanks a lot!!

Javascript community needs such leetcod-ish website where devs can go and practice their JS concept. Thank you!!

Focus on what's important!

The exercises focus on real-world concepts, that you'll definitely encounter in your career. You will practice:

  1. Primitives
  2. Objects
  3. Arrays
  4. Dates
  5. Maps
  6. Promises
  7. the Fetch API
  8. Prototypes
  9. Higher Order Functions

The Demo!

I know you're curious how this all works, so here's our interactive IDE. We invite you to try one of our functions!

If you struggled to solve it, don't worry! For every function I recorded a video explaining the solution. All of them are available in this YouTube playlist.

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Hi, I'm Pava 👋

And I initially created this project for my girlfriend, to help her better understand JavaScript. The initial version was just a Notion document with around 30 functions that I created over a weekend.

After a few days and some positive feedback I realised this kind of learning experience could be useful for a lot more people. So I decided to launch it as a real project, where everybody could practice for free.

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